Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anti-gravity parkour

Category: Superpower
Lucid: Yes

I was in a city somewhere and I jumped up on a trash bin to look around.
The easiness of the jump made me realize I was dreaming.

Thinking I'd do some kick ass parkouring I started dashing down the street. I started running along a wall and jumped off of it, reaching greater heights, landing with one foot on top of a lamppost before launching myself upwards once again. I started to do a flip in the air and noticed I entered some sort of slow-motion mode while air-borne... this allowed me to tweak my flip in several directions and I started spinning 1080 before landing on the ground again and continued dashing down the street.

Parkour with slow-motion mode and tweaked gravity? Awesome!

If you don't know what parkour is - here's a clip of a buddy of mine doing it:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How do I know I'm dreaming?

I read an article about various tricks about how you can check if you are dreaming or not when you get to a  certain level of awareness in a dream, and I catched up a new one I haven't tried before, but it's a common one:

- You take the finger on one hand and drive to drive it through the palm of the other hand. If the finger goes through your palm - tada - you are dreaming.

You can make it a habit in your daily life to perform this test every time you come to a new room or go outside. Eventually it will become a habit and suddenly you'll do it in a dream, your finger will pass through your palm, and you'll realize - "This is a dream!" and you will be lucid!

The first dream I tried this I managed to "re-lucid" myself through 4 false awakenings. (False awakening: When you wake up in bed from a lucid dream, but it's actually a new dream, you have just lost your lucidity and you think you have woken up for the next day in your real life.) I did the finger-test right away and instantly became lucid again.

The only thing I had a slight problem with was that I imagined pain as my finger went through the palm - and it hurt like hell. But after doing this test a couple of more times I managed to control my mind enough to remember that pain in a dream is only an illusion - it's all in your head.

These are the other ways I check if I'm dreaming. Try them out:
- Read text on a poster or sign. Turn around and look back again. If the text changed - you're dreaming!
- Check your feet. If you find something odd about your feet, like missing toes - you're dreaming!
- Check the time. If the clock keeps showing random times everytime you look at it - you're dreaming!
- Check your hands. If you find something odd about your hands - you're dreaming!
- Look at a person, turn away, then back again. If the appearance changed - you're dreaming!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Environment manipulation: Changing the season in a dream

Category: Environment Manipulation / Experimental
Lucid: Yes
I was walking down a familiar street in Oslo, when I get a tiny feeling that I might be dreaming.
I check a poster that's hanging on a nearby wall. I read the text, then glance away for a second, then read the text again - and sure enough - it changes.  (In a dream world an object is never constant, it will always change when you turn your back to it.) I became lucid - "This is a dream!"

I had given myself an assignment in waking real life (WRL) to what I should do in my next lucid dream, but I couldn't remember it right away. So instead I started dashing down the street and flung myself forward and started to fly. As I ascended into the air I remembered my assignment. I wanted to manipulate the environment. I had done this before. 

Like in my previous dream, it was a cold dark winter evening. I thought to myself: "I want summer!"
Wishing for this to happen I snap my fingers.

Evening turns to pitch dark night and millions of stars appear above my head - I admire them for a while - until I snap my fingers again wishing for a warm summer day. 

The sun rushes to the sky, all the snow is gone, and all I see is green grass and trees among houses, churches and farms - a typical view of a Norwegian fjord. I fly around admiring everything before I decide to land at a beach volleyball court below me. Then I wake up.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The rubber wall

Category: Experimental
Lucid: Yes

I was in a gym working out. Suddenly all the machines and weights started to disappear one by one as the room turned more and more white. I was hit with lucidity - "This is a dream!".

Now the room was completely bare and white only with a few windows here and there, but there was no exit in sight. I decided I would smash my way through a window and fall down to the pavement below.

As I hit the window it started to bend and melt like rubber until it completely surrounded my body and I was stuck (horizontally) in the wall. Usually I would panic from being constrained like this, but I kept my calm - knowing it was all a dream and a product of my own doing. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt the pressure from the rubberized wall loosen until I eventually was standing on my own two feet in a hospital hallway. A new lucid dream had begun.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making an ice armor

Category: Experimental
Lucid: Yes

I was in a bar and my whole family was gathered - even the ones who have passed away.
Ignoring them wanting to hug me I left the bar, 'cuz I had realized: "This is a dream - time to experiment!"

I got out on the street and pondered what my next move would be. I've done way too much flying in my lucid dreams lately so I decided to try something new - to cover myself in ice.

At the very moment I thought of this; cold mist started to come out of my mouth. I held out my hand, palm upwards, and focused on a spot right above it. The mist started to gather into a lump that turned into a small ice shard. Fascinated by what I had just conjured I proceeded with my original intent - with my will I made the ice shard attach to my hand and ice started spreading up my arm instantly. In a few seconds I was covered in a layer of ice from top to bottom.

But if I wanted this to be a real armor I had to make it thicker - as I was thinking that thought - I felt the ice armor growing thicker on my arm and a shock of cold started to shiver through my body. As the thickening ice reached my neck I abruptly woke up in my bed breathing heavily like if I had just jumped in a cold pool.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The tsunami

Category: Nightmare
Lucid: No

I was camping out on the mountain-side in the valley where I grew up. With me were friends and family.
I hear someone scream - and in the horizon I see huge waves coming towards the shore.

In fear I start running up the mountain-side and manage to get out some climbing gear from my backpack and start scaling the steep mountain-side. Half-way up I look down at my friends and my family and observe while the waves swallow them all whole and sucks them back into the ocean.

Hanging by a rope all by myself, in disbelief of what just happened, a mental wave of confusion, loneliness and helplessness washes over me... I'm all alone - and I couldn't do anything to help them.

Then I woke up...

This is the first time I can truly emotionally relate to what tsunami victims are going through - seeing your hometown, friends and family get washed away - and there's nothing you can do about it - and it all happens so fast... makes you feel quite lucky.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dream meditation

Category: Spiritual
Lucid: No

Apparently we had an "alternative/New Age" class at our school about meditation and finding inner strength/energy/chakra.

A native American couple, covered in dust, was teaching my school mates how we could extract power from within.

The indian woman taught me how to revitalize myself through breathing.
I did as she instructed and eventually found myself completely paralyzed, but totally relaxed and comfortable with it - until she eventually waved a hand over my hand, called out my name, and told me to come back to the rest of the group.

In the beginning I couldn't move a single muscle, but the woman assured me that this would go away eventually and as long as I remained calm I would return safely from my deep spiritual place.

Then I woke up in my bed - filled with energy and ready for the day to come!